We are a destination for balance, relaxation and wellness here in Virginia Beach, VA. Click here to learn more about the wonderful massage & spa services at our retreat!


Reconnect with your Natural Balance, that place where everything is serene and effortless

Living a fulfilling and balanced life means creating space for yourself away from your day-to-day life. A peaceful and uplifting space is exactly what we provide to you here at Natural Balance. This is your time to reconnect with your inner-self. Enjoy the moment, put your “To-do” list aside, and just Be.


When you feel like you are dragging, beat down or in a lull, it is time to take a break. Slow down your fast-paced life and create some space for yourself to realign with your Natural Balance. Our spa provides a sanctuary for you to release your daily troubles and rejuvenate your entire being – mind, body and spirit.

Energy Work

We believe in investing time in yourself. Our Energy Work and other Holistic Wellness services help you to align and strengthen your mind-body connection so you can live a more fulfilled and balanced life. Stop “getting through” life and start embracing it!

Skin Care

We are all beautiful inside and out. Taking care of you on the outside also helps you to connect with and nurture what is on the inside. Embrace your beauty and nourish your skin with one of our skin care services today.

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