Body Treatments

Like massage, our body treatments are designed to nourish your body inside and out. We recommend detoxifying body treatments at least annually to cleanse the body and re-balance your system. Our scrub and mud wrap offer many benefits:

  • Exfoliate, refresh and rejuvenate the skin
  • Detoxify the body, absorbing and removing impurities
  • Reduce tension and stress
  • Alleviate joint and muscle pain

Dead Sea Scrub

The Dead Sea has far greater concentrations of minerals than any other ocean and these minerals help to regulate cellular activity and improve elasticity of the skin. The coarse texture of the salt exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin creating a natural radiance. The session ends with a mini massage leaving the body refreshed and renewed.

45 Minutes $85.00

Mineral Mud Wrap

The mud wrap is a full body treatment using mineral clay blended with natural botanicals, which detoxify, reduce stress and soothe your skin, while deeply relaxing the muscles. The session ends with a mini massage leaving the body cleansed and nourished.

45 Minutes $85.00

Corrective Hand Treatment

Reduce the appearance of Age Spots and Sun-Damage. We begin by a cleanse and apply a 25% AHA Gel. Next we apply a layer of a Melanin Suppressant Solution and follow with an application of a Professional Pumpkin Peel. We wrap the hands in cellophane and let mixture remain on skin for 10 minutes. Next an application of Nurure Balm and hand massage. Your treatment is complete with an application of Phyto Endorphin Hand Cream and sunscreen.

30 Minutes $65.00

Flipside Back Facial

All the steps of a Spa Facial for the back. Cleanse, exfoliation, steam and extractions followed by a relaxation massage and a customized treatment mask.

60 Minutes $125.00

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