About Meghan

Hi. My name is Meghan Rogacki and I am the Owner of Natural Balance. My husband and I created this space a as a sanctuary for relaxation, rejuvenation and all around well-being. It is too often in today’s world that we forget to take time for ourselves, to just be. This ‘on-the-go’ mentality causes problems in our lives; stress, anxiety, weight gain and physical illness among them. At Natural Balance, we offer many services to help ease the effects of our busy lifestyles – from massage, to energy work to body treatments and lifestyle and health coaching as well.

As an Energy Worker and Holistic Coach it is my mission to help my clients understand the root of the issues they struggle with and what to do about it. I am an advocate for living a balanced life and enjoy helping others discover what it means to be truly balanced across all facets of life. It isn’t one size fits all! As a mother to a young son and a business owner, I understand what it means to live a busy life where it doesn’t seem like there is time to make the most healthy choices. But know that with easy shifts in priorities, there is always time to take care of you!

I am trained as a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Certified Holistic Nutritionist and have the tools to help you succeed, to make a big difference. I will work with you on all levels – body, mind and spirit – and help you find the path that is most suited to your soul. Together we can make big changes, anything is possible! Click here to find out more about my services, I look forward to working with you!

~ Natural Balance … find yours ~

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