Energetic Reading & Tuning

Your body’s energetic field tells a story about you.

It holds tension, stress and pain just like your physical body. In the Energetic Reading & Tuning Session I will read your energy flows to determine your main energetic blockages and then we will work together to isolate the issue and re-tune your frequency, opening you to unlimited possibilities! This process unlocks the body’s inherent power to heal. Go beyond the relaxation benefits of energy work and begin your journey toward getting what you want from life! In these sessions you will:

  • Learn what is holding you back from achieving what you want
  • Release accumulated energy blocks
  • Become more spiritually connected and self-empowered
  • Discover how to shift your energy so you can live a more fulfilling lifestyle
  • Overcome obstacles and move forward with confidence

Book your first 90 minute session now!

  • 1 session – $135
  • 3 sessions – $365 (save $40!)
  • 6 sessions – $695 (save $115!)

If you need help finding a time that fits your schedule Contact Me! I look forward to connecting with you!

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