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I am by no means myself an elite runner, nor have I any experience coaching elite runners. Great way to start out a running coach bio, huh 🙂 I say this upfront because I want you to know that I am real person who understands life issues and how they impact running goals. I am a runner for other runners. My goal is to expand the sport and help to facilitate the greatness within people who have never run before, or only dabbled in the sport. Running has brought so many benefits to me and I want to spread that and share in the joy when one of my clients meets theit goals. There is nothing more fulfilling that helping someone to overcome adversity to meet a goal…and that is the core of what I do.

I have a two and a half old boy named Xaiden and a wonderfully supportive wife, Meghan. She only gives me a little grief for doing my long runs now 🙂 I only started seriously running back in 2013. My first race of any kind was the Shamrock Half Marathon in March of that year. I remember the feeling of reaching the distance beyond what I had covered in my training cycle and the feeling is like no other. I thought as I got my second wind, “Wow, I have never ran this far in my entire life and I am hear doing it now…every step I take from here on out is a new milestone.” And that was how I got hooked. I went on to run my first full marathon a year after that, also at the Shamrock. Since then, I have added a couple more marathons and covered the half marathon distance more times than I can keep count of between training runs and official events.

Running for me is an outlet to fight stress and also calm the mind, which opens up a whole new world. I have found that the ideas and motivation I gain while out there on the pavement is like nothing else I have experienced in life. My goal now is to help others to embrace all the wonderful benefits of running, both on and off the course.

I am a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certified coach with First Aid and CPR certification by the American Red Cross.

I look forward to working with you on your running journey!

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