Race and Goal Specific Running Programs

Race and Goal Specific Programs

All of our programs are structured to give you best possible chance of reaching your goal on race day, or in your running life. More than just goals though, we educate on the elements of running and incorporate many different elements of wellness into the training. Our philosophy is centered around combining multiple facets of wellness to set you up for success. In the programs we stack together a training plan, nutrition, massage and yoga to form a plan that will make your training enjoyable and injury-free. We believe in tailored plans to meet you where you are in life and in running. Together we can create a program that works and gives you the flexibility to maintain your other life obligations while taking some time for yourself. This will very much be a journey for you down roads you never knew existed (literally and figuratively). Commit and take the time to embrace all that this training is and you will gain so much from this experience. Whether your goals is to finish or to set a new PR, this holistic approach to training will set you up for success. Enjoy the journey!

Distances Offered:
5k – This program spans 12 weeks and prepares you to run your first 5k race distance, or to set you up for a PR on race day. This is a perfect place to start for the new runner or runner who has been away from the sport for an extended period of time. We will partner with you to achieve whatever goal you have in mind. The possibilities are endless!

10k – The 10k distance is a great one for all levels of runner. At just 6.2 miles you can feel great about simply crossing the finish line or take a shot at PR without the risk of hitting the “Wall.”

Half Marathon – The half marathon is by far my favorite race distance. It is long enough to challenge you, but short enough to allow you to have a life during the training program.

Full Marathon – The full marathon…pause for dramatic effect 🙂 This distance is daunting to some, elusive to others and humbling for many. I am a believer that anyone can complete a full marathon and should dedicate themselves at least once in their lifetimes to this distance. This program is truly a life changing experience and you will gain things along the way that you never thought were possible. When we as humans dedicate ourselves and push our boundaries, we grow exponentially

Program Elements
These programs are intentionally designed to bring you total well-being and aliveness. Each program gives you:

– An initial 90-minute deep-dive session to discuss your goals and kick start your program. This session can be in-person or on the phone.
– Customized training plan, including run training, nutrition guidance, massage/yoga and built-in adjustment guidance for ease and support in the event you miss a run along your path.
– Weekly 60 minute empowering coaching and training sessions (in-person or on the phone). These sessions are customized to meet you where you are and keep you moving forward in your journey.
– 4-6 (depending on the program length) customized 90 minute therapeutic massages for total relaxation and to create a deeper sense of well-being.
– Weekly mind strengthening yoga classes to keep your mind and body working seamlessly together, increasing your focus and accelerating results.
– Phone calls (15 minutes) whenever you need a quick adjustment to keep you moving forward on your path to physical transformation and vitality.

Invest in Yourself
What I love most about running is the mental break it allows me. When I am out on the road or trail, I am 100% in the moment—completely present. Running will change you in ways you never thought possible, and far beyond the physical benefits many have come to know. Running is one of the few ways I know to align and strengthen your mind, body and spirit to achieve vitality. With a consistent practice, you will start everyday as the fittest you have ever been!

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