A microcurent is a very slight electrical current that increases collagen production by 14 percent, elastin by 48 percent and blood circulation by 38 percent. Because of this boost to the skin, you will see improved muscle tone, reduced puffiness, increased cellular activity and tightened pores. 

 This treatment is a “facial toning.” Your skin cells are broken down and then come back stronger, much like your muscles when lifting weights. Collagen in the deepest layer of your skin is repaired, and fine lines in the top layer of your skin are erased. 

 Results you can expect: 

• Fine lines and wrinkles diminish
• Improved muscle tone in face and neck
• Improved circulation
• Clearer skin (reduced acne)
• Lift of jowls and eyebrows
• Lymphatic drainage
• Sun damage treatment
• Pigment improvement



What Medi-Infusion Corrective Facial will do:

• Increase in fibroblast activity and collagen
production without trauma
• Thicken the deepest layer of the skin to
reduce wrinkles
• Regulate oil production
• Lift hyperpigmentation
• Reduce fine lines and firm skin
• Improve skin tone and elasticity
• Normalize skin tone and heal red or
inflamed spots 


Dermaplaning helps products to penetrate the skin more deeply, which is why it often is recommended alongside a cleansing facial. This treatment is best for those with dry skin, hyperpigmentation, scarring or fine lines and wrinkles. Please note if you have raised lesions, inflamed acne or an allergy to nickel, dermaplaning is not recommended. 

Following treatment, we recommend clients use witch hazel for one week in order to keep follicles clean and irritant-free.