Because if we’re talking body

Life builds up toxins - let them all go with mineral-rich body treatments. Whether it’s a salty scrub or mineral mud, we naturally detoxify, cleanse and leave you feeling free of tension, pain and stress.  

Spa Secrets -
Body treatments add the extra umph 

• Absorb and remove impurities
• Exfoliate and rejuvenate skin
• Relieve joint and muscle pain

Services for Body

Dead Sea Scrub


The Dead Sea is loaded with minerals that improve the skin’s elasticity and boost cellular activity. The salt’s natural texture reveals the glowing skin you’ve had all along.  Get back to your natural radiance with this body treatment, and we’ll close our session with a mini massage leaving your body feeling renewed. 

 • 45 min, $85

Mineral mud wrap


For serious nourishment 

Ready to detoxify? We recommend an annual mud wrap to all our members. This is a full body treatment that uses mineral clay + natural botanicals for a total body reboot. You’ll detoxify and soothe your skin, while deeply relaxing your muscles.  We close our session with a mini massage, leaving you feeling cleansed and nourished.

 • 45 min, $85

Make your Mineral Mud Wrap a CannaBliss Mineral Mud Wrap:
Much like the CannaBliss massage treatment, this body wrap delivers an extra strength dose of CBD to your skin, muscles and joints. This treatment is a perfect combination of relaxation and detoxification.

Reiki Energy Treatment


Need a total reset? Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that balances the energy flow in your body. Similar to acupuncture (but without the needles), the Healer uses her hands to move and rebalance your energy.

• 30 minutes, $39.00
60 minutes, $69.00

Reiki can reinvigorate and …

• Create deep relaxation
• Reduce stress and tension
• Provide relief from headaches, muscle tension, and other
aches and pains
• Clear the mind and improve focus
• Increase energy levels
• Create a balance between the mind, body, and spirit