Beauty, meet bliss.

Let’s face it—our skin is susceptible to some major stressors. Healthy skin comes from a holistic approach. We use the Osmosis Skin Care System to help our clients achieve natural, radiant results. Osmosis provides the tools needed to create permanent change and overall radiance. By analyzing your skin and body, this method treats concerns straight from the source.

Services for Facials & Face Treatments

Holistic Facial


Based on Ancient Eastern Medicine philosophies, we use a four-point analysis of the body — temperature (visibly and internally), energy levels, skin appearance, and skin conditions — to determine the products and facial-movement techniques. We apply these techniques with Osmosis products to direct energy to heal the skin and the body. Results are seen and felt immediately and help create balanced well-being.

 • 60 minutes, $85.00

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Microcurrent Facial


This facial is known as “the natural facelift” because it erases fine lines and wrinkles, firming the skin and redefining your features.

30-45 minute sessions:
• Single Treatment, $110
• 6 Treatments, $595
• 12 Treatments, $1,075

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Medi-Infusion Corrective Facial - For all skin types


This facial is a natural ingredient peel treatment that uses active powder blends to give you glowing results naturally. Concentrated formulas increase cell turnover to heal, remove impurities and lift any hyperpigmentation in your skin. 

 • 60 minute session, $135

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Facial Infusion Peel


Facial Infusion is a non-inflammatory facial that works with skin to stimulate new cell turnover. This concentrated mask nourishes, heals and treats, while leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated.

 30 minute session, $95



Dermaplaning is a simple procedure that uses a blade to first remove “peach fuzz” and then abrade the surface of the skin with light feathering strokes. Dermaplaning treatment gives you a refined and smooth glow - and can be done as often as every two weeks. 

• 30 minute session for Face
Starts at $75

• 45 minute session for Face & Neck
Starts at $95

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Microderm Abrasion


Gentle exfoliation awakens your skin, resulting in a smoother and brighter appearance. This non-invasive treatment helps skin to rebound - evening out complexion and helping your skin better absorb nourishing products.

Pricing Available Upon Request