Blissful spa treatments right by the beach. 


Less Grind, More Unwind

Massages are more than just a treat; they are a treatment for holistic wellness. Our board-certified Massage Therapists help you to bring balance to your body and overall lives.



Regain your Glow

Let’s face it — our skin is susceptible to some major stressors. Healthy skin comes from a holistic approach. We use the Osmosis Skin Care System to help our clients achieve natural, radiant results.



never felt this good

Life build up toxins - let them all go with mineral-rich body treatments. Whether it’s a salty scrub or mineral mud, we naturally detoxify, cleanse and leave you feeling free of tension, pain and stress.


Smooth sailing from here on out

Our Master Estheticians have got your back. And your brow, lip and legs. We're all about a kinder, gentler waxing experience that keeps skin smooth for a glorious 3-5 weeks.



Do Something
Good For Yourself

You’re Worth It.