Virginia Beach Spa Packages

Every time you walk into Natural Balance Day Spa, you’re making an investment in yourself. If you have trouble finding the time to spend on personal care, a spa package can be a smart move to make the most of your visit. 

 Our spa packages combine experiences in a very intentional way. Each one is designed so each experience serves the next - and you get the absolute maximum care and attention. 



For the best boost to your massage appointment

• 60 min Therapeutic Massage 
• 45 min Mineral Mud Wrap





A body treatment session for deep detox
(recommended annually)

• 45 min Dead Sea Salt Scrub
• 30 min Mineral Mud Wrap





Especially healing for anyone who spends their day at a desk, or simply doesn’t move as much as they want to

• 60 min Therapeutic Massage
• 30 min Head & Neck Therapy





For a half-day experience 

• 60 min Therapeutic Massage
• 45 min Dead Sea Salt Scrub
• 45 min Mud Wrap
• 30 min Head & Neck Therapy




Ready to Invest in Yourself?

There’s no better time than the present.